Hypercholesterolemia: New Herbal Treatment. Find in this article how garlic alone cures high cholesterol.

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Hypercholesterolemia: New Herbal Treatment: Description

Hypercholesterolemia is excess cholesterol in the body. It is the formation of deposits on the walls of the arteries. Indeed, these deposits gradually cause a loss of elasticity of the arteries. And all this by reducing its diameter. Did you know nearly 12 million French people suffer from hypercholesterolemia. It is also a lipid metabolism disorder.

Hypercholesterolemia: New Herbal Treatment: Symptoms

The symptoms of this disease are difficult to identify, however there are some diseases such as:


– a contraction of the arteries of the heart,

-myocardial infarction



– language disorders

-sometimes a stroke

-intermittent calf cramps during walking caused by arteritis

– erectile dysfunction

Hypercholesterolemia: New Herbal Treatment: Causes

  • heredity;
  • especially diets that are too high in animal fats and cholesterol;
  • overweight and obesity;
  • insufficient physical activity;
  • sex diabetes,
  • hypothyroidism,
  • liver and kidney diseases medical conditions the environment (age, lifestyle)
  • chronic renal failure

What Complications Hypercholesterolemia Can Have on Humans

As for the complications, it all depends on the person. In fact the complications that is found in one patient with this ailment may be different in another. Reason why they say that it all depends on the affected organ. These include, among other things:

Due to the decrease in blood flow, the blood does not work well and prevents the proper functioning of the organs. Also, due to the affected arteries of the heart, the patient may develop attacks of angina pectoris.

Plaques in the abdomen causing erectile dysfunction. In addition, paralysis, dizziness, language disorders, intermittent calf cramps during walking.

We must remember that this disease is even more important than cramps and pains.

Grandma method

Treatment for Hypercholesterolemia

There are two ways to treat Hypercholesterolemia. The medicinal method, or the herbal method.

The drug method consists of an improvement in lifestyle or if the patient has risk factors for cardiovascular disease, for example family history, already established cardiovascular disease. Your doctor may prescribe statins for you. This medication helps lower LDL-cholesterol levels. In addition, they inhibit the action of an enzyme that participates in the synthesis of cholesterol.

Fibrates, reduce LDL-cholesterol levels, or even inhibitors of intestinal cholesterol absorption: these fix cholesterol from food and eliminate it through the stool.

However, the herbal treatment is as follows:

  1. Let’s start with garlic, the daily consumption of dried and ground garlic leads to a reduction of cholesterol in men suffering from hypercholesterolemia.
  2. Ginger, the consumption of this root delays the progression of aortic atherosclerosis, a disease of which hypercholesterolemia is one of the causes.
  3. Turmeric, this plant helps reduce cholesterol levels in humans. This phenomenon could be due to the propensity of turmeric to convert cholesterol into bile acids.
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