How to Get Pregnant with 04 Sides : Natural Treatment. Discover in this article the secret that covers 04 sides and its benefits for women.

Get Pregnant with 04 Sides : Natural Treatment

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Get Pregnant with 04 Sides: Natural Treatment

Definition of Prekese

The 04 sides get many names,depending  on the  region that you are. Is a fruit that is full of benefits in the body of men and especially in fertility of women. Prekese can help you to cure fibroma, polyps uterins, cyst etc…

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What are the components of the 04 sides

Prekese is composed of Zinc, potassium ,iron , magnesium, vitamins and minerals. All this components in 04 sides, it shows that this fruit is really important.

Also they regenerate cells bloods, and defend you body against infections .

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Get Pregnant with 04 Sides : Natural Treatment

Did you know that the 04 sides can treat diabetes, produce milk, reduce fever.

Firstly for get pregnant with 04 sides

  • boil four liters of water with two sticks of 04 sides, and a teaspoon of izuza seed
  • put small salt
  • After drink while still hot
  • finally two sticks in the morning and two in the evening too

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In addition, the 4 sides allow a deep cleaning of the uterus. From there, it cleanses the belly of all impurities and then grants you the chance to get pregnant. Like this, many women around the world have been able to remedy their infertility and avoid surgery thanks to prekese. They help boost ovulation.

But when 04 cotes treats these tumors, he completely ends up with them. They no longer have the possibility of reappearing.

One thing that you must know!!!

Initially when you go to drink the prekese it may make you vomit, it may give you pain in your left side, but be a strong woman and continue the treatment. You will see for yourself the dirt that will come out during the purge. In addition, when you go to purge and your period is coming, it can come abundantly, so do not purge yourself being indisposed.


Get Pregnant with 04 Sides : Natural Treatment

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Here is some mixture to do to get pregnant with the 04 sides:

Here’s the preparation process

Dry crush a handful of akpi, two fruits with 4 sides and seven black pepper

-Add cloves -Add 1 liter of lukewarm water

-Allow to cool completely, then strain.

-Purge after menstruation until the 14th day,

But never use the fruit of the 04 sides during pregnancy

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